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Privacy Notice

This privacy notice explains what personal data we hold for you and how we use that personal data. We regret that if you are not happy for us to handle your data in the ways outlined below, we will not be able to provide a service to you. We value your privacy and confidentiality and as such we have put appropriate measures in place to ensure we comply with UK and EU data protection law.

As a data subject you have the right to:

1. Free access to the data that we hold for you. This request must be given in writing/email to the data protection officer. We will then provide the personal data that we hold at no cost within 1 month.

2. Correction to any errors in personal data (exception to medical opinion).

3. A medical report from Fenland Physio Ltd to assist another professional or clinic involved in your care.

4. Request restriction or object to our handling of your personal information. Please note that this is not an absolute right and in the clinic environment it is highly likely that we have a legal obligation to override your request.

5. Not be evaluated based on automated processing. Please note Fenland Physio Ltd do not use automated processing.

  • Who we are:
  • Fenland Physio Limited, 36b Forehill, Ely CB7 4AF. Contact telephone: 01353 661039. Email:
  • What we are going to do with your information;
  • Your personal data is held by us indefinitely. It is stored by Blue Zinc who provide our online hosted computer software (TM3). Access to the computers and TM3 is limited to the staff of Fenland Physio who each have individual logins. Blue zinc use servers which meet the required information commissioner standards.
  • Who it will be shared with?
  • Your personal data may be shared with other professionals such as your doctor or consultant when it is deemed medically appropriate. We may also be required to share information with your insurance company.
  • What information is being collected?
  • We are required to collect all your personal contact details, as well as those of your next of kin or parental guardian. We also collect your medical history including correspondence from other professionals.
  • Who is collecting it?
  • The data is collected by the reception staff and treating therapist at Fenland Physio Ltd.
  • How is it collected?
  • The data is either provided by the client being treated over the phone, in person, by email or via our online booking form.
  • Why is it being collected?
  • We have a legal obligation to hold adult records of treatment and personal data for 8 years. Note all types of records for children and young people will be retained until the patient is 25 (or 26 if they are 17 when treatment ends) or eight years after their death, if sooner under this lawful basis.
  • After this Fenland Physio Ltd may continue to store your records under the lawful basis of legitimate interests. This means that should there be a claim or query regarding the case at any point in the future, we will be able to provide the necessary information. In addition, some insurance companies require us to store your data indefinitely.
  • We also collect anonymised data for purposes of clinical audit to assess how effective our treatments are.
  • How will it be used?
  • Your data is only used for the purposes of your treatment at the clinic. Our main form of contact is by email and this includes appointment reminders and occasional clinic updates. You will have the option to opt out of the clinic updates should you wish to do so.
  • What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?
  • Your data is shared with medical professionals to facilitate the best management of your health. It is shared with insurance companies for them to be able to process your claim. We will not share your data with third party companies for marketing purposes.
  • There may be certain instances when we are unable to honour your request not to share information. For example, if there are significant concerns regarding a person’s welfare or if the information is requested for legal reasons from an insurance company.

Online and Remote Consultations:

In accordance with guidance from our professional body it is agreed that your consent is implied by accepting the invitation and entering an online consultation. We will not record any online or remote consultations, but the results of the consultation will be documented on your patient record. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the device and software you use is safe and secure.


We would like to make you aware that to comply with the government led track and trace system, we may need to provide your contact details if you have been seen in person at the clinic, and it becomes necessary.

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