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Coronavirus information

Through-out the pandemic of COVID-19 our priority has been the well-being and safety of our staff and clients. We are now able to re-start our services, but things will look a bit different.

We are required by our professional body to conduct a remote consultation prior to offering any face to face sessions. During this session we will assess your needs and discuss with you whether a face to face session is appropriate. The decision to undertake a face to face session needs to be made jointly by yourself and the therapist and as such It is important that you are informed about the risks as well as the benefits.

As a clinic we have introduced measures to limit the infection risk, but it needs to be acknowledged that there remains some risk when attending the clinic in person. COVID-19 is a novel virus and as such until we have a vaccine there is no immunity. For some contracting the virus can have serious health implications and although others can be relatively unaffected, it is not known how you as an individual will react. It is thought that the virus is spread by air droplets or direct contact with infected persons, or by indirect contact with a surface that an infected person has touched.

We need your informed consent to complete face to face appointments. After the discussion with your physio which is an opportunity for you to ask any questions, you will be sent a consent form by email which must be returned prior to your face to face appointment. To comply with the government led contract tracing initiative your details maybe shared if required.

If you require a Physiotherapy appointment your session will now be divided into two to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines. The first part of your appointment will be completed remotely and will last up to 30 minutes, at a £30 charge. The second part of your session will either:

  • continue remotely and another half hour remote appointment will be offered at the same £30 charge.
  • Or you will be offered a face to face treatment at the clinic which again will last 30 minutes but be charged at £40.

Going forwards either remote treatment sessions or face to face treatment sessions can be booked at the clinic both of 30 minutes duration. Initially we will be limiting the duration of face to face treatments to 30 minutes.

What we are doing to reduce the risk of infection:

  • 1. All clients, staff as well as members of their household will be screened for COVID-19 prior to attending the clinic, as well as on arrival.
  • 2. All contact surfaces are cleaned between appointments.
  • 3. Therapists will be wearing clean gloves, aprons and masks when treating within 2m.
  • 4. Keeping footfall into the clinic at a minimum, no walk ins allowed and no waiting inside.
  • 5. Rooms will be ventilated with air con and by opening doors between appointments.

What we ask you to do to help us keep everyone safe:

  • 1. Wait outside the clinic until you are asked to come in by the physio.
  • 2. Sanitise your hands-on arrival and departure.
  • 3. Do not bring anyone else with you to the appointment unless absolutely, necessary.
  • 4. Whenever possible please pay for your appointment online, via bank transfer or over the phone, you now may be asked to do this prior to your appointment. We will not be accepting cash.
  • 5. You will be required to wear a face mask, please bring your own or if we need to provide one you will be charged an extra £1.
  • 6. Please bring your own towel for your comfort.
  • 7. Clients do not have routine use of the toilet, if there is an urgent need please inform the therapist afterwards so it can be cleaned.

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